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Company History

Dj De L'Lsle and Noa

Before 1998 I was caled Noa and when I made my own remix I did that under the name Dj De L'Lsle with a small succes it was hard for people to remember the name and how to pronounce it.


With my own developemend I deside after recomendation of friends to use Noa, I used Noa as my artist name. I designed the now well known logo and since that moment DjNoa was born.


To release my music after trying to find a label, I started my own label. And because of the love of a name I deside to use De L'Lsle as my label Name.


After the first hit I needed to exspend the activities with "Productions". I started writting more and compose songs, to myself and for others. With that, manny things needed to arrange to bring out more music and pay the obligations.

De L'Lsle

A Company, with this change in obligations a moment to separate the business units in De L'Lsle, De L'Lsle Productions and De L'Lsle Records. Clearer, easyer for administation and more could be arrange with this to expend the company more in the future. In these years we developed more on Administrative, Websites, Sales and Digital sales


since 2014 we taken more Authors, Actor and writters in the company so we expend the company with a entertainment unit. Attached to that more information about the performers. Agenda, Booking and the posability to get a website space. unfortualy this endded at the end of 2021🦠


This was until 2016 the official store to buy clothes and CD-DA from DjNoa. DjNoa-sales dos not exsist anymore, to also sell clothes for other artist.


With a new business unit is born in the company. We change a lot again, Administrative, Order systems, informative, contact and payments options, Social media and websites to set everything up and running. This opens more possibilities for our Artist. Expending clothes, Music "even more Music" and Ringtones. Now already, or in the upcoming year. I injoy and we hope you will too. With the iShop I think the company will be compleet, but you never know.


® 2009 De L'Lsle